Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner review

The reason I purchased the Kreepy Krauly was because my pool service company recommended it. I've since replaced both my Kreepy Krauly and that pool service company.

The Kreepy Krauly is one of the most popular pool cleaners around and operates based on suction from the skimmer or vacuum line. The Kreepy Krauly is rather easy to install and comes with an easy to follow videotape.

The main problems I had with the Kreepy Krauly are:

The only favorable things I can really say about the Kreepy Krauly is that it's easy to operate and it can be left in the pool 24/7 (when there are no swimmers) as long as you don't mind the noise from its "flapper".
When used with the Thruster, any time that I removed the Kreepy Krauly from the pool and place it back into the pool, if the Thruster was not perfectly aligned it will suck air into the pump which over time could seriously damage the pump. Also, this problem sometimes occurs unexpectantly even after the Kreepy Krauly has been left in the pool for several weeks.

Another issue that I had with the Kreepy Krauly, given its noisy performance was the fact that in the summer of 2004, I installed the Pool Pilot Digital chlorine generator. The Pool Pilot controls the pump as well as generate chlorine. An interesting feature of the Pool Pilot is that, if the temperatures drop below 40F, it will run the pump for an hour to prevent the equipment from freezing. I live in Santa Barbara, so the temperatures only drop below 40F at around 3 AM, perhaps 5-10 times a year. However, with the Kreepy Krauly attached, if the temperature drops below 40F, you're in for an early wakeup call!

If those problems weren't enough for me to retire my brain dead Kreepy Krauly, there was an occassion when the unit happily sucked up a small orange that somehow fell into the pool. Fortunately, I was home at the time when I heard my pool's pump choking on something. I shut the pump off, removed the Kreepy Krauly and noticed that the orange was stuck at the skimmer opening. Luckilly, it was something that I could see. I can just imagine what would have happened if the orange was stuck in an inaccessible location. Even so, the orange was wedged snugly into the skimmer opening and I couldn't grasp it with my fingers. I ended up taking a knife and cutting it into small pieces so that the pump would be able to continue its normal operation.

After using the Kreepy Krauly for 3 years and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with it, I refused to spend another penny on replacing its flimsy replacement parts and I decided to research my other options for obtaining a new pool cleaner.

Overall, I'd rate the Kreepy Krauly a 3/10. If you're in the market for a pool cleaner my advice would be too stay clear of suction-side cleaners, in particular the Kreepy Krauly. I purchased an AquaJet (see my review) over a year ago and am quite pleased with it.

This review is copyright Phil Schwartz
July 2006.

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