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Phil Schwartz is the lead software developer of several open source projects including: Kodos, ReleaseForge, Scratchy DenyHosts and FAQtor.
Phil Schwartz is a Senior Software Developer with experience in C, C++, Java and Python.
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Global Cooling - Because climate change happens... Naturally.


At SupplySolution, Inc one of the servers that the i-Supply service uses is known as the SSTM. The SSTM is a middleware server that exists between application servers and database servers. The SSTM communicates with a variety of databases via JDBC and provides features such as:

  • connection throttling - server can be configured such that the load of the database server can be optimally tuned
  • SQL templates - all SQL can exist outside of source code
  • database session pooling
  • common API - independent of the underlying database

    Mr. Sparkle

    I created Mr. Sparkle originally as a tool to allow my co-workers a GUI for testing SQL queries against the SSTM server. At SupplySolution, Mr. Sparkle was used by development, QA, techinical support and operations.

    After I completed a basic prototype I began to add a significant number of features, largely on my own time, that I thought would be of great benefit to my fellow employees. Mr. Sparkle is quite heavily used within SupplySolution because it's feature-set rivals many commercial products.