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Phil Schwartz is the lead software developer of several open source projects including: Kodos, ReleaseForge, Scratchy DenyHosts and FAQtor.
Phil Schwartz is a Senior Software Developer with experience in C, C++, Java and Python.
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FAQtor is a script that generates customizable FAQs from a simple XML input file. FAQtor makes it easy for all Web sites to include a FAQ because it takes the tedious nature out of it. There is no longer any need to manually edit the FAQ and update links to answers. After initial (optional) customization, all that is necessary when updating a FAQ is to update the XML input file and re-run FAQtor. The XML file contains all of the information necessary to create a professional looking FAQ.

FAQtor is an open source project released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

More information about FAQtor can be obtained by visiting the FAQtor homepage.