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Phil Schwartz is the lead software developer of several open source projects including: Kodos, ReleaseForge, Scratchy DenyHosts and FAQtor.
Phil Schwartz is a Senior Software Developer with experience in C, C++, Java and Python.
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Global Cooling - Because climate change happens... Naturally.

Canyonero is a project management application that I developed on my own time. During one major project at SupplySolution we were using FileMaker to coordinate and document our efforts. In doing so, I realized that FileMaker was not the right tool for this job and I took it upon myself to provide an alternative.

Over a weekend I created a working prototype to manage our project. This effort included the application and GUI as well as designing a MySQL schema (loosely based on the FileMaker schema) and then porting all of the FileMaker data.

At the time, I had no idea that my effort would be accepted by management and co-workers alike and it was more of a proof-of-concept than anything else. Amazingly enough, not only was it welcomed by all, by Monday afternoon, the FileMaker server was shutdown and Canyonero had replaced it. Over the coming nights and weekends I added many features based on input by others at SupplySolution.