Phil Schwartz





Top producing, established team leader with well-rounded software design expertise,

enterprising nature and strong foundation in technology.


Persistent & Solution Driven




Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Meta-HTML, JavaScript

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Sequiter Codebase, Faircom Ctree+, Paradox, Dbase

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP/NT/2000/9x, Solaris, AIX, SCO, Amiga

Additional Skills: OOP, MVC, HTML, XML, J2EE, JDBC, Struts, JSP, Servlet, Applet, CGI, network programming, regular expressions, multithreading, client/server, GUI design (Swing, Qt, PyQt), Apache, Qmail, Sendmail, TCP/IP, DNS, Spyce, SQL, database schema design, autoconf, automake, gcc/g++, mod_python, log4j, JBoss, Websphere, Ant, XML-RPC






present             Independent, project-based consultant.


      Service Objects  (8/03 - present)

                  •     Recruited by CEO to design a commercial online payroll system (PaytraxWeb) for a 3rd party client.

                  •     Lead developer of all phases of PayTraxWeb using Java/J2EE, WebSphere, Struts and SQL Server. 

                  •     Developed algorithms and classes for timecard duplication, employee generation, company and project entities including business logic and SQL queries.

                  •     Influential in the PaytraxWeb database schema design and query optimization.

                  •     Designed a secure applet/servlet communication layer using the Apache Commons HTTPS framework.

                  •     Designed a generic servlet framework using reflection to route responses to their respective requests.

                  •     Developed several Swing applets and dialogs for timecard management.

                  •     Authored a Java-based database import engine that synchronizes hierarchal data between the PaytraxWeb database and its server-counterpart (Paytrax) database.

                  •     Implemented a “Batch Worker” framework in order to process long-running tasks.

                  •     Developed an interactive Python script to generate production and development releases of PaytraxWeb.

                  •     Designed a Python script that creates enhanced Java value object classes from configuration files.

                  •     Provided technical leadership and direction to the Service Objects software team.


      Serbin Comminications (8/05 - present)

      •     Recruited by President to salvage and rebuild Serbin’s DNS server after a catastrophic system crash.

      •     Installed and configured a corporate backup server using Bacula.

                  •     Identified and secured a pre-configured Red Hat Enterprise Linux server against unauthorized access.

      •     Configured the BIND DNS server for over 1,000 domains

      •     Installed and configured Sendmail and Can-It Pro spam filtering software.

      •     Developed an interactive Python script to allow for administration of new domains and email accounts.


      Mentor Corporation  (7/03 – 10/04)

                  •     Recruited by Director of IT to implement various department projects.

                  •     Developed a GUI application to support inventory auditing by the Mentor sales force using PyQt.

      •     Designed several Python scripts to migrate data from flat files to a SQL Server database using

            the Microsoft Data Transformation Service (DTS).

Phil Schwartz


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Supply Solution, Inc., Santa Barbara, California                  

•     Reported to Vice President of Development.

•     Core member of start-up team responsible for the design and development of applications and  components for i-Supply, the flagship product.  (

•     Specialized in tools that provide real-time web-based supply-chain visibility and inventory management for the automotive industry.      

•     Enjoyed a period of rapid expansion - company grew from 15 to 60 employees and two offices.

•     Constant recognition for outstanding work quality by CEO/senior managers.

•     Lead Developer/Designer for the entire Shipping/Receiving Manager component.

•     Developed the application layer (C++, Oracle, Linux), UI client (Python, PyQt, Windows) and ERP raw

data transformations (Java, J2EE, JDBC, Oracle, MySQL).

•     Developed the business logic and UI client for the Supplier Ratings component (Python, Oracle)

•     Developed the application layer for several projects: Extended Pipeline Management (C++), Multiple Item Update (Python), Aggregate Inventory (Meta-HTML)

•     Designed algorithm that determined projected inventory on-hand based on current inventory levels, historical consumption, forecasted inventory and in-transit shipments.

•     Initiated, planned for and oversaw the continuous improvement of all phases of the Development Organization. Influenced decisions that impacted operations company-wide.





Internet Marketing Group: U.S. Information Corp., Rockville Center, New York

•     Promoted through the ranks to Lead Software Developer.

•     Recruited by owner to start-up the spin-off Internet Marketing Group in 1994.

•     Worked closely with President/owner to determine applications to meet company growth.

•     Developed several desktop, Internet and Intranet applications in C/C++.

•     Created a flatfile database structure to quickly locate relevant data in large documents.

•     Extensively used regular expressions to parse the Federal Commerce Business Daily (CBD) raw data into a usable format.

•     Developed CBD-Web ( on Solaris using the Faircom Ctree+ database.

(CBD-Web allows users to search for relevant U.S. Government contract opportunities.)

•     Configured Apache, Sendmail, Qmail, DNS, Unix and Windows system administration.





Developer of Several Open Source Projects:


•     Kodos   (

A regular expression debugging tool written in Python that enables software developers to efficiently

create regular expressions for use in their own software applications.


•     DenyHosts   (

                        DenyHosts is a script intended to be run by Linux system administrators to help thwart SSH server

                        attacks (also known as dictionary based attacks and brute force attacks).  DenyHosts can

                        optionally be configured to exchange data with other DenyHosts users via a centralized

                        DenyHosts XML-RPC server.  There are over 27,000 DenyHosts users worldwide and the project

                        is included in several Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD).


•     ReleaseForge  (

      ReleaseForge is a GUI application designed for project administrators and release engineers of projects that are hosted at SourceForge.  ReleaseForge streamlines the creation of new project releases and the editing of existing releases rather than using the cumbersome SourceForge web interface.


Phil Schwartz


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B.S. Computer Science, 1993





14+ years of progressive experience in Software Design / Product Development / Project Leadership with incredible results in both start-up and medium-sized environments.  Accustomed to a high degree of autonomy in managing complex projects. Highly creative with an excellent ability to optimize efficiency and plan for the future needs of a business.  Thrive on variety and challenge.


Areas of Strength:


• Project Planning / Execution                   • Training / Facilitating / Problem Solving

• Applications / Web Development                  • Innovating Systems / Standards



Impeccable References - Incredibly Dedicated